PASRR Tracking

The North Carolina Nursing Facilities Tracking Form is a mechanism used to monitor location and due date information to assure timely PASRR assessments for persons with SMI, IDD or RC and must be submitted for these Level II residents if:

  • a Level II resident transfers to another Medicaid-certified facility
  • Level II resident expires
  • a Level II resident is discharged from the nursing facility system

First Time Admission

The North Carolina Nursing Facilities Tracking Form has been included within the Uniform Screeing Tool and is only availalbe trough online access. This tracking mechanism indicates to the PASRR contractor that an applicant has been admitted to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility.

Level I and, if applicable, Level II results must be kept in the individual's medical records so they are available to the facility's care planning team and to state or federal auditors.

Both Level I and Level II information must be transferred with the resident upon transfer to another Medicaid-certified nursing facility. Unless there is a change in mental status, no further contact with the PASRR contractor is required for residents who are not subject to the PASRR Level II process. Receiving facilities must report admission of a resident who has been screened by the Level II process through the aforementioned Uniform Screening Tool online application.

Residents already In Level II Process

Discharge means that the resident has either been placed in a less restrictive setting than the nursing facility or the resident no longer resides in a Medicaid-certified nursing facility bed.

For example, if a nursing facility has adult care home beds and the Level II resident transfers to the adult care home level of care, he/she is no longer subject to PASRR, and the PASRR contractor should be notified of that discharge. The adult care home level of care, even if the adult care home beds are part of a Medicaid-certified nursing facility, is not subject to PASRR requirements.

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