User Requirements for Online Access

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Before you begin:

  • If you will be the designated Primary Administrator, please refer to Primary Organization Administrator
  • If you have not already completed the prerequisites on the Getting Started Page then please complete those requirements before continuing.
  • Before you can register, you must contact the administrator of the organization you will be registering under to obtain the Organization Registration Code (ORC). You must also indicate the role's for which you are applying. For a list of possible user roles, refer to Chapter 4: Organizations Types and User Roles of the user documentation.
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To register under an existing organization, complete the following check list:

  1. Login - Access the Online Application and sign in using your NCID username and password. This will initialize your user account and create your profile.
  2. Apply For System Roles -You must register for roles under at least one organization. To register for roles in the system, select the Welcome Tab and then choose My Profile from the sub menu. For step by step instructions, refer to Chapter 5: Organization and User Registration of the user documentation.
  3. Wait For Approval Email - Once the registration is complete, The Organization Administrator will approve your user roles. Once approved, you will receive an email letting you know that your access is approved. Prior to this approval, you will only have access to the Welcome Tab.
  4. If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact your Organization Administrator or refer to the Help and Support Page

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